What Apple Can Do For User Privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook commits himself to Google, Facebook, Amazon and others who are interested in the privacy of their users and their Customers – information extracted about online habits, personal information and more (or worse) – for-profit.

Hey, we live in a capitalist society. Everyone is looking for your money, including Apple. Al. Right? May be. Nobody likes to be a creature harvested but that's what happens and Apple is right to take the party to protect privacy.

Kudos, Apple. But do not force yourself to fight, Tim, because you have some problems to solve before throwing stones at others. The worst offender to protecting privacy online is Google. Yet, Apple gives Google the default search engine on Safari, the browser used by about one billion Apple customers.

Worse, Apple takes money on Google to enjoy this privilege. How many? Some reports report $ 6 to $ 9 billion a year. This default location of the search engine benefits Google and Apple. Tim Cook knows that Google is the worst privacy violator for a few billion users, but he talks about it and is not working yet.

What could Apple do for the privacy of users that it does not already do?

First, macOS and iOS might have a No Tracking button that inhibits all tracking mechanisms for websites and apps. All. Of their. Clicking on a macOS parameter or tapping an iOS parameter would prevent any such contact.

If the Apple customer has privacy rights, why does not Apple implement some optional options, of course;

Second, the billions that Google allocates each year to Apple as a default search engine could be used for what I call the "iCloud VPN". it is a virtual private network reserved for Apple customers (not just iCloud accounts, these are free) with a few levels to help users avoid follow-ups and traces of data that are so commonly used by followers and authorities.

What is it worth? $ 10 a month?

These are just two elements that Apple could implement to improve the privacy of users, but there are more. What about e-mail without spam? What about encrypted emails (Apple would need to work with Google, Yahoo!, And Microsoft to offer an encrypted email solution; it's feasible, but everyone needs to get started. agreement on its operation). This would greatly help reduce spam.

See? Easy steps. Apple can afford them. Apple can not afford to talk, but not to walk.

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