Siri And The Holy Trinity Of Security

Do you remember Touch ID? It was fashionable a few years ago and then Apple killed it – literally – with face identification; The built-in facial recognition system of the iPhone. Touch ID and Face ID are the same type of solution that Apple does best. Security and convenience.

Recent trends indicate that we will see more convenience and perhaps even more security in future versions of iOS and, possibly, with macOS. Speech Recognition. There is no technical reason why Apple does not have speech recognition for iPhone and iPad (or Mac, as if Apple cared about the Mac). Voice recognition has been around for decades.

Think of a set of security options that work instantly. ID of the face Touch ID. Voice Tag Lift your iPhone, tap the Touch ID screen, let Face ID scan your face, and say a password. Triple security is enabled and secured by a single, slightly more complex password that you rarely need to use.

Touch ID. Face Identifier Identifier of the voice.

There are problems in my forecast for the future. First, the touch ID is probably gone forever, replaced by the even more practical and precise face ID. Apple does not seem interested in identifying the voice. Still,

Another technology used by Apple to make our devices more practical is Siri, Siri's actions and Siri shortcuts. Let me recognize that voice commands and speech recognition for Apple are in their infancy.

Siri still can not recognize my voice in my wife's voice. Seriously? The face ID can recognize my face on a million faces, with the exception of the iPhone, the iPad and Siri, who do not recognize my voice in relation to the voice of anyone?

Apple completed the purchase of Shazam; the iOS app able to recognize music. Play a song on your iPhone, or hold your phone close to a song being played, and Shazam can recognize it among millions of songs, many of which are very similar. But Siri can not recognize my voice with your voice.

However, Shazam has a technology that can recognize differences in sound frequencies, and Apple owns Shazam. How long before Siri begins to recognize our specific voices and will only act on the controls with our voice. This explains why The villager Jeffrey wrote that Shazam does not talk about music.

When Siri begins to recognize a specific voice by name, does that add up and Mac?


Apple has already been the first to combine complex technology with ease of use. We saw it in Touch ID. We see it in Face ID. Now we have to see him Siri.

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