Siri And FaceTime vs. Facebook Portal

When it comes to comparison and contrast between Apple and some big competitors, we have the duty and the obligation to keep it simple. Apple is a hardware company. Software – iOS, macOS, etc. – are a key differentiator between Apple hardware and the competition. The same goes for the various services of Apple; iCloud, Apple Pay, Apple Music, etc. These are all differentiators, but designed to provide additional value to Apple customers and a sticky degree to the walled garden ecosystem.

The same goes for various competitors of Apple; Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon and others who venture into the hardware. Guess who has just embarked on a new adventure in hardware?


This is not the first time for Facebook material and may not be the last time. The Facebook brand smartphone has been short-lived. Facebook's new gate devices may have legs. The social network company has 2 billion users and a convincing line of new products; It is essentially a mix of Siri type interface and iPad display that allows Facebook users to conduct face-to-face conversations with FaceTime.

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It will take maybe months to determine if Facebook is being hit or mixed up with another clumsy material that nobody wants, but first impressions (based on a neighbor and how he uses Portal, as well as on very attractive TV commercials) are positive, Portal does much of what any iPhone, iPad or Mac can do with FaceTime, but in a very casual, unpretentious and friendly way.

Portal itself comes in two models: a device similar to an iPad (in landscape mode) with a camera and controls on the screen, as well as a different and more attractive portrait. camera equipped with a camera being able to move and follow topics.Compared to the price of u n iPad, Portal is comp titive; decent camera, correct screen resolution, correct sound and simplicity similar to that of Siri via built-in controls.

What does not love?

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To the surface, nothing.Just below the surface, enough to create a must Why? Facebook is a company that spies on users – free social network software in exchange for personal information and obligation to watch advertisements designed to persuade and manipulate the user.

FaceTime can provide much of the same type yes, and as the application of personal communication of Apple is related to an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, additional features are built in. Facebook tracks users in a less than beneficial way, while FaceTime remains harmless in terms of tracking features – Apple does not need to follow users to earn money. For Facebook, Google and Ama z follow-up is a requirement.

Just as most Apple customers have no idea that Apple does not need to follow them to make money, they do not know it's the proposal commercial for Facebook, Google and Amazon

As convincing as the Facebook portal is, which of the companies named above do you prefer to use to communicate with others?

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