Privacy Is Apple’s New Marketing Weapon

Who, among the tech giants, walks his planet earth, devotes the essentials of his business model to the collection of personal and private information of his own. Users and customers unwary and unsuspecting?

You get a gold star. If Facebook is next, you are sharper than most knives in the drawer. What about Amazon? Yes, AMZN does not care about privacy issues of users or customers.

What about Apple?

Apple also collects information from its customers, who use it to create a better ecosystem. What Apple does not do is use this private data as a weapon against customers. Google, Facebook and even Amazon use the collection of personal information as a weapon.

What is the weapon of Apple? Privacy. Or rather, the distinction between privacy and the companies that collect information that makes the user an integral part of their product.

And if you could access all the websites you visit online and click a button, click to get a file that lets you discover all the information that was collected about you. Google has something like that but you'll need Google Maps to find it. Facebook's information about you is incomplete and hard to find. Amazon does not care.


Kate Fazzini:

Apple has launched a new privacy website that allows you to find all the data the company has about you

is not a surprise or a new tactic for Apple to highlight or differentiate what the company is doing compared to its competitors. Differentiation is a key component of product marketing. If Apple makes it easy to view collected data and competitors, then it is likely that you will not enjoy Google, Facebook, Amazon, Samsung, Dell, HP, and so on. your side of privacy.

The privacy portal had already been tested in the European Union in May, coinciding with the EU's launch of restrictive privacy legislation called general legislation on data protection. The information collected may include data such as calendar entries, photos, reminders, documents, website bookmarks, purchases on the App Store or the history of Support for repairs made to your devices, among other things. ] pages – a bunch of them – are not readable, but this is not a lightweight subject. Confidentiality is a difficult subject to handle and that means a lot of words. You can also use Zach Whittaker step by step to get the downloads.

You will need to connect to the Data Portal and Privacy with your Apple ID. . Follow the steps to mark the information you want to recover. So be ready to wait. After all, Apple has more than a billion customers, so there is still a lot to go to find one. It may take a few weeks before Apple tells you that the privacy information is ready.

Do not be surprised if you do not like what Apple gives you.

But do not be disappointed when you get your download and find that there is almost nothing in there. Earlier this year, when I asked for my own data (before commissioning the portal), Apple sent me a dozen spreadsheets containing the history of my purchases and my commands, some iCloud logs and some information about my account. The data goes back to the date of opening your account, but may not include recent data if Apple has no reason to keep them.

But since most Apple data is stored on your devices, it can not be returned. what he does not have. And all data collected in Apple News, Maps and Siri is anonymous and can not be assigned to individual users.

It was also my experience, but it's comforting to know that Apple is not interested in collecting personal data. and private information as competitors, and are more concerned with the management and protection of this information than competitors.

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