Not Just ‘Peak iPhone;’ It’s Peak Technology

My prognosis record on the future of technology is remarkable. Most of the time, I can predict future events and a politician will tell the truth. Still, I can see a writing on the wall these days – and it's actually a calculation.

Math speaks to me Apple has decided not to disclose the number of iPhones, iPads and Macs sold at least once a quarter. For me, it's mathematical. Apple's leaders are not stupid. Selfish and greedy, perhaps. But not stupid. With nearly 3 billion smartphones on planet Earth, Apple executives understand that saturation in tech gadgets is imminent.

Sales of iPhone, iPad and Mac reached a plateau a few years ago. , technology gadgets may have reached a point of diminishing returns. All new smartphones, tablets and personal computers are working well and improving, but we do our computer business as in 1999 .
Peak iPhone?

No. High tech. Apple will not go bankrupt. iPhone will continue to sell in numbers and generate solid earnings for the company for many years. even though it fails to find the next big thing.

If I were CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, I would invest a few tens of millions of dollars in R & D on advanced methods of resuscitation of DNA in the hope that a breakthrough would bring a Steve Jobs clone to the company. Jobs is the undisputed king of the market upheavals and technological revolutions.

Cook is the undisputed king of iPhone accessories.

Yes, the tip of the iPhone is one thing. It is unlikely that Apple sells the same number of iPhones in the future as in the past, but the company will not go bankrupt. Advanced technology is one thing because of what I want to call technological fatigue.

The so-called smart home is a buzzword in the industry; certainly not a tendency to which the great masses of unwashed men have enrolled themselves; Despite the sale by Amazon of tens of millions of Echo and Alexa devices. Siri has been around for longer, uses more peripherals and is the best known and most popular of the smart personal assistants, and I never hear anyone using Siri anywhere.

Advanced technology, indeed.

Where I see that technology is actually gaining humanity, it is the artificial and intelligent robots that, step by step, are killing jobs for human beings. When will humans – without work – be able to afford the gadgets made by these robots?

Does anyone see a problem on this horizon?

Technology will continue to grow, yes, but my ability and desire to implement such technological breakthroughs in my daily life – and my budget – is limited. Advanced technology occurs when we have too much technology to manage.

We are here. We can not handle everything.

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