Mark Zuckerberge Senate Hearing Review Main Points

Mark Zuckerberg senate hearing before Congress made a clear statement that no one is above the law. You have to feel the consequences if you are messing with masses and especially with the privacy of human beings. The hearing held by Commerce and Judiciary committees members was a clear-cut message to the giants that everyone is responsible for his acts. Zuckerberg remained calm and level-headed throughout, and senators were mostly polite and deferential as they sought to understand how Facebook had accidentally allowed the profiles of up to eighty-seven million people to be collected by the political data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica.

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The hearing took 2 and a half hour of long sessions where every congress member investigates Mark for his breach act of Cambridge Analytica. In the weeks leading up to the hearing, Facebook made a series of announcements designed to demonstrate that it took the data leak seriously and was working to prevent it from happening again. Mark Zuckerberg referred repeatedly today to these changes, which include making privacy shortcuts easier to find, restricting the data shared with developers when you log in using your Facebook account, labeling political ads and making them available for public inspection, and launching a bounty program to reward people who find examples of data misuse.


There were important question ask to mark and some of them are funny in term of answers. A senator ask Mark who is your biggest competitor

Mark replied, Google, Apple, Amazon the senator again asked who is your biggest competitor if Facebook deleted then who will be the biggest competitor.

Mark Zuckerberg replied in my niche There are no such competitors who are a real threat to Facebook. The answer to that question was obviously if someone tries to beat Facebook he buys it so there will be no competition at all. The real example is WhatsApp and Instagram which bought by Mark Zuckerberg which threats facebook.

You can hear the full speech on BBC and CNN for the detailed live session.

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