Make sure you get copies of all your family’s photos this holiday season

This weekend, you "enjoy" an extended time with your family. Once you have repaired their devices and they have learned that the battery of their iPhone lasts much longer if you do not leave this damn screen all the time, you can decide to exchange photos. You can retrieve clichés from your old childhood on your mother's iPad or photos from the family cookbook on your father's iPhone.

Announcement There are several ways to proceed: slow, fast and fast, with or without wire. Let's see how to transfer photos between iPhone and iPad.

Email and e-mail

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If you simply want a member of your family to send you two photos, just ask them to use iMessage or email. It's easy, and you do not have to explain how to do it. Bonus tip: If you're both on iOS 12, they can share an event from film via iMessage or email. The latter will be sent as an iCloud link. It's great if your parents / relatives / friends have a slow Internet connection. You can also "Share back" all the photos you took during the same event .

For: Easy to use, anyone can do it. You can send an image even when the other person is not there.

Cons: Slow for many photos or large videos.


<img class="size-full wp-image-497112" title="Airdrop ios" src="" alt=" Airdrop ios iPad iPhone "width =" 1600 "height =" 1200 "/> AirDrop works in the room to facilitate file sharing between Apple devices.
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Most of the time, AirDrop is the best way to share something on iOS. The devices are located via Bluetooth and then transfer via Wi-Fi peer-to-peer. That they connect directly to each other. This Wi-Fi is extremely fast and can work anywhere, even in the wild, without a Wi-Fi network or cellular network around it.

Airdrop is extremely easy because it appears at the very top of the sharing panel and you just have to press to send. I recently used it for video and the transfer was so fast that at first I thought it did not work. But if you really have a lot of images to share, you need a cable.

Fast, easy, almost magical. Good for a lot of photos and videos.

Disadvantages: It is sometimes impossible to find the available actions and it is impossible to solve the problem.

Camera connection kit

The Apple iOS Camera Connection Kit allows you to connect a camera to your iPhone or iPad and view its photos. But the iPhone can also be a camera. If you connect two iOS devices together through the camera connection kit, one of them can display the photo library on the other, as if you had connected a SD card reader.

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To do this, you will need the standard camera connection kit and Lightning cable (if you have a new iPad Pro USB-C, things will be more complicated).

Connect the large USB end of the Lightning cable to the dongle of the camera connection kit. Then connect the dongle to your device, that is to say on the device that will receive the photos. Then connect the Lightning connector to the iPhone / iPad as a camera. If all goes well, the application Photos will launch on the device "master" with its tab Import already open, and the iPhone "camera" s'. will display as the source of import. If this happens in the wrong way, just change the cables.

You will almost certainly be prompted to authenticate on the "iPhone" of the camera to allow access via USB.

This method is excellent if you transfer a lot of images or videos. However, depending on your configuration, it may run at USB 2.0 speeds, which may be slower than AirDrop. On the other hand, you can browse the entire photo library of your correspondent's device, allowing you to choose what you want.

For: Fast, reliable, easy to take with a photo or video from someone else's photo library.

Against: You need a cable and dongles.

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