How to set up your new iPhone XR the right way

For many people, the iPhone XR will be radically different from previous iPhones. Despite this, the process of configuring the iPhone has not changed much. However, even though you may be on familiar ground, there are still a lot of things to do before launching your new phone for the first time (or very soon thereafter).

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Configure the iPhone XR correctly

With the iPhone XR, you'll be able to take advantage of Apple's automatic configuration. If you come from an older iPhone without a face ID, you will find that the Touch ID is gone. (This means that you only need to record one face instead of several fingers.)

If you are a serial processor and you come from a one year old iPhone X, things have changed less. But you will still need to upgrade in the same way.

Restoring from a backup of your old iPhone

The iCloud manual backups are simple.
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It is likely that you will restore your new iPhone from a backup of your current iPhone. If that's the case, just do two things:

Make sure you have an up-to-date backup.
Use Apple's new automatic configuration feature to get started.

No. 1 is as simple as going into the iCloud settings of your iPhone and verifying that there is a recent automatic backup. Otherwise, do one manually. Go to Settings> Your Name> iCloud> iCloud Backup and press Save Now. Wait until it ends.

Automatic configuration for iPhone XR

Regarding number 2, Automatic Setup allows you to copy your Apple ID and your home Wi-Fi settings from another device, bringing them closer together one of the other.

If your old iPhone (or iPad) already runs iOS 11 or iOS 12, just place the devices next to each other. Then follow the instructions to avoid having to enter your Apple ID and your Wi-Fi passwords. This greatly simplifies the initial setup of the iPhone.

Setting up a new iPhone XR from scratch

The guide below assumes that you are setting up your new iPhone from scratch. If you do not want to do this, you'll want to check out our handbook about backing up your previous iPhone via an encrypted backup in iTunes. Even if you restore a backup on your new iPhone, it is likely that you will still want to browse this list to make sure you get the most out of your device.

Setting up the iPhone XR: Basics

Download only the apps you need again – This one is a must. We all have so many applications on our iPhones that we simply do not use them. This is the main reason why we are doing a clean configuration, to be honest. Go to the App Store app and make sure to be logged in to your Apple account. (Press the small head icon in the Updates panel to see the account you are logged in as.) Download only the applications you used at during the last six months. Or, dare: Simply download what you use daily. We are willing to bet that it will be very few.

Do not disturb is an essential parameter for any iPhone
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Configure Do Not Disturb – If you're like us, you'll always get notifications, iMessages, and other distractions on your iPhone. Configure Do not disturb in the application Settings (it is in the second section, at the bottom of the page, just under Control and Control Center ). You will want to schedule it for times when you do not have to be disturbed.

Switch Planned to On, and then set the times when you want the notifications not to be displayed. Try 10 am to 7 am if you can. Pro tip: Let things go if there is an emergency : Enable Authorize calls from your favorites and toggle repeated calls to On. iOS 12 also allows you to activate Do not disturb at bedtime that mutes all alerts and even masks them from the lock screen so that you do not do not be harassed when you pick up the phone to check the time.

Customize the configuration of your iPhone XR

Adopt retro style with your ringtone – Set the ringtone of your iPhone on something no one wants to have nowadays: the xylophone. Press Settings and then Sounds . Slide your finger to the bottom of the list and tap Classic . You will get a list of all the sounds of the original iPhone, including the xylophone, which seems to me to be something out of the ordinary. There is nothing more distinctive. And since no one is using this old, collapsed ringtone anymore, you'll immediately know which iPhone is ringing you.

What about these old ringtones? If you bought them on iTunes, they are easy to restore . Even better, why did not create your own ringtones with the free GarageBand app ? You can start from scratch or use any song from your music library.

It is much easier to search for devices when you have multiple devices on the network.
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Change the name of your iPhone – When you use connected services such as Find my iPhone and you have multiple devices, you will want to change the name of your new iPhone to you can find which one to look for. Press Settings> General . Once there, press about then Name which usually takes a vague value. Enter iPhone XR to make sure you know which device you are targeting on the network.

Face identification code

The configuration of the face ID is much simpler than that of Touch ID.

Photo: Apple

The facial identification is much easier to use than tactile identification, and it is also easier to configure . Instead of training your iPhone with your fingerprints, one by one, you just have to look in the camera and … it's almost everything. To set up the face ID on your iPhone, follow these steps when prompted during the initial setup of the iPhone. (If you want to start again with a phone that you have configured previously, go to Settings> Login and PIN and then type your password to start.)

The Face ID setup is a bit like the compass calibration that your iPhone makes you perform from time to time when using the Maps application. Only instead of rolling the iPhone, you roll your head. You will need to do two scans, then the iPhone XR will have your 3D head stored in its Secure Enclave inaccessible to everything, even iOS (despite some clickbait histories [click to play] ).

Now, still in Settings> Face ID and PIN you can choose which features to use with the face ID, as you did before with Touch ID.

The dress code of the Cult of Mac makes it difficult to use Face ID at work.
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If you regularly play a second appearance – you are a clown, surgeon, Elvis impersonator, or something similar – you must also create another apparition . Simply press the button in the Face ID settings to configure it.

Configure the e-mail of the iPhone

Add your mail accounts and make sure you can see enough of them in the
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Add your email accounts – Whether you use Mail, Outlook or something like Sparrow, you'll want to add your email accounts immediately. For the Apple Mail app, press Settings> Accounts & Passwords, and press Add Account . Choose your email provider (some people still use Exchange ) and follow the steps to enter all the required information.

See More E-mail Preview – E-mail allows you to view the contents of a message without it. 39; open. Could as well see as much as possible, right? Press Settings> Mail and then press Preview . Change your settings to five lines and get more information in your emails without having to open them.

Add the default e-mail address and set the slip preferences here.
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Set your default account – For some reason, our iOS mail settings still seem to default to an account we never use, such as iCloud. Touch Settings> Accounts & Passwords> Your e-mail account name and press Account> E-mail . Once you reach the depth of this setting, you can tap your preferred email address. This will then be used as your starting address in new mails. (If there is only one address here, you can go there.) You can also add other email addresses to your email account.

Advanced settings of the e-mail of the iPhone

Swipe to Manage Your Email – It's so much better to be able to erase your email than click and press several buttons. Replace Swipe right with Archive so that when you swipe in this direction, you can either quickly save an email to your archive. Or, if your email account accepts to swipe left as the default delete action, a trash icon will appear.

Modification Swipe left in Mark as read which is a great way to review your emails as soon as you receive them. This only affects your Apple integrated email application. Each third-party email client will do things differently.

Add an HTML Signature – A beautiful electronic signature can really give you a professional look. So be sure to add an HTML signature to your email. If you already have one on the desktop, copy and paste the code into an email and send it to yourself. You can then copy it and paste it into the Mail application (or the email client of your choice, if it supports it). This can be as simple as text formatting tags or as complex as adding a logo from a Web server . You can also use an iOS app to create one, but they tend to be pretty basic or clip-art-y .

Manage calendars, iCloud, messages, etc.

Make sure to be warned in a useful way.
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Setting Calendar Default Alert Times – The calendar is great for alerting you to important events, but it is not always convenient or helpful. Set the default calendar to three types of events: birthdays, events, and all-day events to receive reminders when you need them. Touch Settings> Calendars . Tap on the default alert times and set your birthday reminders on a previous day, your events on 15 minutes in advance (or an hour more sensible for your brain) and on events from one day everyday to the event (9:00). You will never miss an event again.

Updating the application in the background – You want to choose the applications that you want to be able to run in the background. See the list in Settings> General> Background. Update of the application . Enable background refresh activation in the background, and then disable any applications for which you do not really need to access it. ;background. If in doubt, set it to OFF and check if the applications that need to be refreshed need to be refreshed when they are started. Of course, you'll want to turn on background refresh for Cult of Mac Magazine !

iCloud everywhere

Keep your iPhone longer and restore it to iCloud.
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iCloud is Everything – There is no doubt in our minds that iCloud is the simplest and best solution to keep all your stuff safe and secure. Tap Settings> iCloud and make sure to sign in with your Apple ID. You can manage your storage space here, but make sure you activate everything you need immediately so you never have to back it up. Activate iCloud Player, Photos, Contacts, Reminders, Safari, Notes, News, Wallet, Backup, Kechain and search for my phone as soon as your iPhone 6s is unpacked. You can enable messaging and calendars if you only use Apple's apps and services; otherwise, you can leave these toggled OFF.

More configuration improvements of the iPhone: excellent little extras

Extend your automatic lock – Let's be honest: we're always on our iPhones. The default two minutes you get during the time your iPhone will stay on without turning off its screen can keep your battery charging longer, but it's really not enough for anyone in normal use. Tap Settings, General, AutoLock to set it to a maximum of five minutes so you can stop typing all the time on your screen to keep it awake.

Get these normal text messages everywhere.
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Get text messages everywhere – You can allow your Mac or iPad to receive text messages from your iPhone, as long as you've set up iMessage on these messages (Settings, Messages, Toggle iMessage on ON on any iOS device). device, Preferences messages on your Mac). Make sure your other device is on hand when you tap Settings on your iPhone, and then tap Messages> Text Message Transfer . All available devices will appear in the list. Switch your Mac or iPad to on then check the code of the target device. Enter this code in your iPhone. Now all your devices will receive not only iMessages, but also text messages from those who do not use iMessage.

Equalize Your Songs – Turn on the equalizer in your Music app so you can listen to your favorite jams without having to worry about a Bluetooth speaker. Launch Settings> Music . Once there, press EQ and set your iPhone to Late Night . This will give you a good boost for those moments when you just want to blow up The Clash while you dine fast in the kitchen.

Secure your Web experience

Use your own coordinates to fill out web forms and manage credit cards
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Safari Configuration – Web browsing is full of forms to complete. Adding your name, address, email and credit cards can be time consuming. Do not forget to go to Settings> Safari> Autofill to set up your mobile browser the right way. Start by switching Use Info contact on On. Then press My Info and choose the contact you want to use when you encounter form fields in Safari. Switch on the names and passwords also, so you can save it when visiting the same website. (This comes from iCloud Keychain, so be sure to turn it on too.)

Switch on credit cards on also, so that you can shop in peace. (Just be sure to only use SSL encrypted websites.) Professional Tip: Manage the credit cards your iPhone will register with one click on Credit Cards . You can add new maps or delete those that no longer work or that you no longer want to use via mobile Safari.

Safari in iOS 12 also blocks cross-site tracking in other words the cookies that follow you and allow online stores to place the same ads on all pages that you visit later. This option is enabled by default, so you have nothing to do. Sit back and enjoy your new intimacy.

Services you can subscribe to when setting up the iPhone

Make sure your support is where you want it, when you want it
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Activate iCloud Photo Library – We adore the iCloud photo library . It keeps your photos and videos safely in the cloud and allows you to retrieve high quality copies of your files in case you lose (read: the trash) your originals. iCloud Photo Library supports your iCloud storage. Therefore, if you have a lot of pictures, you will want to increase them. Press Settings> iCloud> Photos and then toggle on the iCloud Library to On. (Note that this will turn off My Photo Stream, if you want both, you'll need to turn the photo stream back on.)

Using iTunes Match – Of course, Apple Music keeps track of all the music files stored on your devices, but if you delete them from your iPhone without having a backup somewhere else, you'll have to settle for the quality that Apple Music will give you when you listen. If you want to keep your full-resolution music files saved on the cloud, use iTunes Match. All your music files are matched or downloaded to iCloud at the highest possible rate. You can then stream or download music on any device, provided your iTunes Match subscription is intact. Never be without your songs (or have an iPhone too filled). Touch Settings> Music . Then press Subscribe to iTunes Match to activate this valuable service on your new iPhone.

All set up? Time to accessorize

Now that your iPhone is set up and ready to use, you need accessories to take advantage of all the amazing features, such as wireless charging.

The Apple AirPower charger may never come, but we have rounded out the best wireless charging options for iPhones X, XR and XS and (iPhone 8).

Note: This article was last updated on October 26, 2018. Rob LeFebvre contributed to this article.

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