How to Remove Startup Items on Mac

We all want our Mac to run as fast as the day we bought them. But Macs tend to slow down over time, and it's frustrating to see your Mac boot up for ages. Few Mac users know that this is the result of launching too many applications at startup.

Here's everything you need to know about startup items and how to remove them. Follow this guide and see your Mac start in the blink of an eye!

What are the starting elements

After pressing the power button and heard a musical chime, a big Apple logo appears on the screen. A progress bar below indicates the launch of startup items – system processes required to start your Mac. Once logged in to your user account, your Mac will launch Login Items – applications configured to open automatically before you see your desktop.

Basically, startup and connection items mean the same thing: The more applications are started automatically, the slower your Mac starts. Worse still, some applications can secretly install as startup items, which weighs down your Mac's CPU and reduces its memory capacity. Such objects increase the startup time of your Mac and decrease its performance.

How to disable startup programs

One of the simplest ways is to use the application MacKeeper . Its function Connection Objects displays each application that opens automatically, even if you did not select it to start at startup.

Open MacKeeper, select Login Items and use the buttons below to add or remove items from the startup list. After that, your Mac will start without pain and quickly.

How to change start items manually

Say you do not want Skype to open automatically when you start your Mac. There are two ways to do it. Open the Apple menu () and go to System Preferences> Users and Groups. Then, click the name of your account and open the Connection Items pane. Select Skype and click the minus sign (-) at the bottom to remove Skype from your startup list.

You can also prevent apps from being opened on startup from the Dock. Launch Skype, right-click on its icon in the Dock, select Options and uncheck Open on login. This will remove Skype from your startup list.

How to fix broken starter elements

Sometimes uninstalling an application leaves a connection element with a broken link. If you do not delete it, a broken connection item will continue to refer to the deleted application and will simply lose the memory of your Mac.

This is the result of leftovers from application – unnecessary system files remaining after uninstalling an application. With MacKeeper it takes a few clicks to clean up leftover and broken startup items. Open MacKeeper, select Smart Uninstaller and scan your Mac. Then select the remaining files to delete, click the button and view the unnecessary and damaged files.

How to remove demons and boot agents

There are two types of startup items. Demons are system background processes that get started right from the start of your Mac. Background processes initiated for a specific user are called agents . Demons and agents are a complete overview of the connection elements. Open the Finder, click Go on the top menu bar, and select Go to Folder. You will see this window:

Then, paste the following commands:

/ Library / StartUpItems – displays the complete list of application files launched at startup

/ Library / LaunchDaemons – displays the preference files that define the operation of a system application when it is launched

/ Library / LaunchAgents – displays preference files for applications that launch after you log in to your Mac

The above folders show the files related to the application. If you want to check which system files are booted at startup, check your system folders:

The system folders mentioned above contain important Apple files. Avoid removing them if you do not want to damage your system.

The manual removal of demons and agents takes a long time and is much faster to use MacKeeper . Open the Connection Elements feature and select the Agents and Demons tab. MacKeeper scans quickly and marks invalid processes with red dots. This is the surest way to remove broken agents and demons.

Try these steps and start your Mac in seconds, not minutes. Do you want to manually delete startup items or use the MacKeeper utility? Share in the comments section, we can not wait!

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