How to Add AirDrop to Dock on Mac for Rapid Access

If you frequently use AirDrop on Mac to send and receive files between Mac computers or through and from iOS devices you may appreciate having ultra-fast access to AirDrop by making it easily accessible from the Mac OS Dock.

Using a small file system tip, you can get direct access to AirDrop via the Mac Dock, rather than having to use the Finder to access the file-sharing feature. This guide will explain how to configure this on Mac.

Obviously, the Mac must support AirDrop to be able to use this feature, let alone gain access to it. Almost every loosely modern Macintosh supports AirDrop, and all modern MacOS operating systems support the feature, as long as you're reasonably up-to-date, compatibility should not be a problem. Adding an AirDrop icon to the Mac's Dock is done by locating a shortcut to the AirDrop feature and then placing it in the Dock. This is hidden by default in a system folder, but it is easy to recover with the following steps:

How to add AirDrop to the docking station on Mac

Open the Mac OS Finder

Pull down the "Go" menu and select "Go To Folder"
Enter exactly the following directory path, then press Enter / Return to go directly to this location in the file system:


Find the "" app in the directory, then drag and drop into the Mac's Dock, organizing it where you want the icon to appear. be accessible

Close the /CoreServices/ folder when you are done

Now, if you click on the AirDrop icon in the Mac Dock, an AirDrop window will immediately open in the Finder to activate the function, making AirDrop on the Mac ready to send and receive.

Remember, AirDrop can work to send data to and from Macs, as well as from and to iOS devices. If you are not familiar with data transfer with AirDrop, the following procedure guides should be helpful:

It is also useful to remember that where AirDrop files go depends on the target recipients' operating system, on the Mac which is still the Downloads folder of the active user account, but in iOS it can be on the type of file sent.

In the end, the AirDrop window accessed from the Dock will be the same AirDrop window that you would have access to the Finder by clicking on "AirDrop". in the side menu, or from the Go menu, or via the shortcut AirDrop Keyboard it's just a matter of ease and speed that makes the addition of the I & # 39; AirDrop icon at the Dock a useful tip.

You may notice that it's similar to the way you go add iCloud Drive to the Mac Dock and so while you perform one or the other turn, you can add another step to include it.

AirDrop offers one of the simplest ways to share files between Macs and is definitely worth using, then d

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