How Google And Apple Hide Their Trash

Google and Apple sitting in a tree. K-I-S-I-N-G. Wait a minute. It can not be right. Apple and Google are deadly enemies. You know, like Microsoft and Samsung. Expect. Are not they really enemies too?

If Apple and Google are competing, and they are, then how are they enemies?

The type of "friend" whose words or actions depress you (whether you realize it intentionally or not) The type of friend that you should cut but you do not have. not because … they are nice … well … you had good times with them.

Google could derive more from the friendship than Apple, but it's not as if the iPhone maker was suffering from it. IPhone, iPad and Mac customers have a wider choice of apps than Android users. Apple is more profitable than Google, and Google would be much less profitable without access to Apple customers, so that's it.

You know … they are good people you can count on to get down to someday in the near future.

Okay, it may be that good people at Google – thousands of them were ready to withdraw in protest of the company's misguided actions – but Apple is also thriving thanks to a tense and tenuous relationship with Google. The search engine giant is paying Apple a few billion dollars to put Google as a default search on Safari. More recently, Apple has enhanced Safari with tools that help users' privacy by preventing online advertising trackers.

It seems that Google has decided that such an Internet basket should be restored, limited and completely blocked. J.C. Torres :

Users and designers of browsers play cat and mouse against malicious and even quite malicious ads. We are ready for another round. Google has just issued a warning: starting next month, it will remove more aggressively all ads from some sites that still refuse to put their business in order.


Google selects ads that mislead users by clicking buttons that do not do what they are supposed to do. As this shutdown button you would expect would be your hello, but would turn into a phishing scam or malware download. Google already has rules against such ads, but some sites and manufacturers just do not listen.

For a company whose methodologies are fundamentally misleading, why embarrass yourself to prevent others also misleading?

Silver. Competition. Money and competition.

While Google's policies seemingly defend users, some describe Google's crusade as somewhat interested, pushing advertising rules favoring its own advertising platform.

you go. Money. And the competition.

Google will control other non-Google advertisers by blocking all ads on websites that ignore warnings from the Chrome browser later this year. In simple terms, Google remains as autonomous as ever, but in this case, competition is defended in favor of its system and its advertising rules.

How does this differ from Apple in criticizing Google and Facebook for their privacy policies accepting Google's money to keep the search engine giant # 1 on Safari?

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