Does Anybody Really Care About Privacy?

Those of us who live, eat, eat, breathe and sleep in the era of the 39, information have a problem. I call it fragmentation. There is so much false information mixed with information that it has created a toxic stew of useless information that still needs to be examined and filtered before digestion.

Online security and privacy are major issues, but not necessarily for big unwashed ones. masses of humanity who treat their online access as a plastic bottle filled with water. It is water. What difference does the brand make?

Let me focus on privacy because security, though related, is different. Does anyone really care about privacy? Apple has set the privacy of weapons – to a minute degree – as a differentiator between the organized ecosystem of Apple and Facebook, Google, Android, Microsoft and any other company whose income and profits depend on information from users and customers.

Apple does not care to invade your privacy because it is not there that Apple finds money. If you follow the footsteps of money and you notice bad actions, Apple is the white knight of gadget makers.

Except …

Apple is in bed with Google. Google is the worst author of personal data theft on planet Earth. Why would the white knight of privacy protection stay in conflict with the worst of all culminating points?


Google pays Apple the default search engine for Safari on Google. A significant portion of Google's mobile revenue comes from Apple's customers, which now exceed one billion. Think of billions of dollars of free profit just for product placement.

In your opinion, how much does Apple care about the privacy of users?

Let's now see Mozilla and the browser Firefox . Google also pays for Mozilla, but the Firefox maker has only a few hundred million users and does not generate the same revenue as Apple. Worse, to differentiate Firefox from the Google Chrome browser – the most used browser on the planet Earth – Mozilla has added anti-advertising tracking and blocking advertising to Firefox.

See the problem?

Mozilla needs Google's revenue, but Firefox has features that users love – features that block or block ads and trackers. Poor Mozilla is caught between proverbial rock and a hard point. To offset some of this lost revenue, Mozilla deploys a virtual private network service – a VPN – for the benefit of users. $ 10 per month to benefit from ProtonVPN's Swiss-based Firefox for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android.

Which company takes the privacy of users more seriously? Apple? Where, Mozilla?

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