Apple And The New Privacy Opportunity

There are times when the gods seem to work together to ravage humanity. Prometheus : "Those whom the gods would destroy, they go mad." There are other times where the golden goose nests in your garden. Such an event has recently found its way to Apple Park in Cupertino, CA.

First of all, let me start with privacy. Or, depending on your point of view, the lack of intimacy on the part of various technology companies. Which? Let's start with, say, Amazon and Google and Facebook. The first two have sufficiently intelligent interlocutors to embarrass the new Apple HomePod, a bit anemic.

Anemic? Yes, HomePod is the best music speaker of the lot and that is what Apple promotes. Amazon Echo with Alexa, and Google Home max and mini with Wizard, are, well, there's no sweet way to put this – more clever than the somewhat stupid Siri of Apple who, on HomePod, It's not the sharpest knife in the Siri drawer. ]

This is by design. Why? Amazon and Google are on an endless trek to suck your private data for his own blood in the same way that Count Dracula feeds on beautiful young women with starry eyes and a long neck. Your private data is their life force. You are their prey

What about Facebook?

Funny thing. True story. Facebook has plans for its own speaking harassment speaker to rival those of Amazon and Google. Why? Remember, on Facebook, you are a user, not a customer, and that means you are part of the product, and what better way to improve their data collection methods than to sell yourself a harassing speaking speaker who Gathers even more information about you? 19459001 What happened to the Facebook speaker? Sheltered Why? Facebook has taken a lot of heat on the privacy issues and the misuse of your personal data that ended up being used to manipulate voters during an election.

Yeah, that's a problem and probably the tip of the new iceberg of nightmares. and a good reason why the company's own harassing speaker has been, well, well, set aside for the moment. Why? Thus, Facebook can rework software and data capture mechanisms to make them more transparent. Oh, and let things cool in the public space.

What about Apple?

The goose that lays the golden eggs is installed somewhere in the park, encircled by the new headquarters of Apple. Apple is more about privacy than Amazon, Google or Facebook, and now the company has a newly installed soap box to deliver the message.

HomePod is not a stalker orator. Everything is a question of music. And privacy? Apple also has a new privacy policy .

Apple products are designed to do incredible things. And designed to protect your privacy.

It's quite right. Next?

At Apple, we believe that privacy is a basic human right. And so much of your personal information – information you have the right to keep private – lives on your Apple devices.

Give me some examples, Apple.

Your heart rate after a race. Which news you read first. Where you bought your last coffee. Which websites you visit. Who you call, email, or message.

These are all profit centers for the likes of Google, Facebook, and even Amazon. It's our soul and they thrive by sucking dry users. It's like it's like that. And is Apple doing the right thing with respect to our privacy?

Every Apple product is designed from scratch to protect that information. And to allow you to choose what you share and with whom.

Remember to protect privacy, not to use privacy for profit. There is a difference. Hopefully, Apple will use the goose egg on the Apple Park lawn for good, and that Facebook, Google and Amazon are learning from their misdeeds.

Oh, and maybe punished accordingly.

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